Meet Nexa, your AI business analyst

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Meet Nexa

The AI-powered analytics platform where companies can chat with their data, extract insights, and build dashboards in plain English, not SQL or code.

Get instant responses to questions like:

  • "How many users signed up last week?”
  • "What is our net dollar retention by cohort?”
  • "Who are our top 10 customers by revenue?"

Behind the scenes, Nexa handles all the complexity of understanding your business, your metrics, and your data structures, so it can write accurate SQL and create charts, tables and summaries — all instantly.

Take days worth of work down to minutes and let your stakeholders self-serve so you’re never the bottleneck.

It’s how we’ve always wanted to interact with data, and it’s finally here!

Why Nexa?

Every data-driven company needs reliable insights to make good decisions; it could be the difference between winning and losing.

However, to get these insights today:

  • We chase busy analysts for favors, where lead times could be days or weeks
  • We hop between 10 dashboards and 5 spreadsheets, spending more time searching for the answer than acting on it
  • We spend weeks learning SQL, only to spend more weeks debugging our queries
  • We buy tools like Tableau or Looker, which are expensive and tend to be underutilized because of their complexity

Accessing data in 2024 should be as easy as asking a question and getting an instant and accurate response.

Nexa is here to give you exactly that.

Our mission is to democratize insights for all.

Why now?

Researchers have been studying text-to-SQL for decades with limited results, largely because early attempts required predicting every possible query type and mapping them to natural language questions. A near impossible task.

Today, LLMs excel at understanding language, context, and nuance, and are trained on an incredible amount of data, which makes text-to-SQL within reach.

A true technological shift that makes this seemingly impossible task finally achievable.

We say within reach, not solved, because text-to-SQL isn't perfect yet. Every company is unique, and unless you feed the LLM company-specific data and context, it can't produce accurate results.

This is the hard and fun problem we're solving at Nexa. Stay tuned! 

Why us?

Nexa is the business we were meant to build. It sits at the intersection of what we understand deeply and what gets us extremely excited. 

  • Zain has been living in spreadsheets and writing mediocre SQL his entire career, always wishing there was an easier way
  • Nii has been on the receiving end of countless data requests and has spent a career (and PhD) solving tough machine learning problems
  • Jesper has been the middle man, taking complex data requirements from clients and distilling them into workflows and dashboards

We understand our end users deeply - from data teams to analysts to non-technical stakeholders - because we are them.

Few other founding teams have this depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.

And few others are as customer obsessed as we are (just ask our Sono customers :-).

Join us!

We're just getting started.

Join our waitlist and stay up to date on our public launch coming soon.

A huge thanks to our investors: Kindred Ventures (Kanyi and Steve) who led our $1M pre-seed and have been great partners, and Andrew Macdonald, CrossCut scout (via Megan Prichard), and Ali Samir, who have believed in us since day 1.


Zain, Jesper and Nii

Feb 6, 2024

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