The end of Excel for analysis

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Before you send the mob, hear me out...

I'm a huge Excel nerd:

  • At Disney, I taught Excel and advanced Excel
  • At Uber, I asked for a PC just to use Excel (they thought I was insane 🤣)
  • I've spent more time cleaning data in Excel than most people on Earth
  • And PTSD from days of lost work from the many times Excel crashed

Yes, Excel is one of the most powerful tools ever built. But it's all grunt work that can be eliminated with AI.

Don’t believe me? 

Let’s compare a simple workflow in Excel vs. Nexa.

The task

Figure out the correlation b/w Marketing lead scores and Sales closed-won deals.

We’ll create a table and add it to a doc to share with stakeholders.

Here's what the data looks like:

In Excel / Docs

Time to complete task: 10 minutes (video is sped up 4x)

Time spent doing grunt work: 100%

  • Write a beastly IF statement to group lead scores: 4 minutes
  • Create a table with desired results on a new sheet: 4 minutes
  • Paste + format that table in a Google doc: 2 minutes

Required skills:

  • Must be comfortable with nested IF statements (still trips me up)
  • Must know how to remove duplicates (I forgot where that was)
  • Must know COUNTIFS (easy, but need to make sure you do it right)
  • Must have high attention to detail to ensure your formulas are correct

In Nexa

Time to complete task: 1 minutes, 45 seconds (5.7x faster)

  • % time spent doing grunt work: 0%
  • Provide simple instructions in English and verify results: 1 minute
  • Wait for AI to do the work: 45 seconds

Notice that the user "does" 1 minute of work in Nexa (AI does the rest) vs. all 10 minutes of work in Excel. 10x less work.

And this is just 2 weeks into our beta. Things will only get faster from here.

Required skills:

  • Ability to ask questions in plain language
  • Patience, discipline, and common sense to verify AI responses

P.S. this wasn't an apples to apple comparison because Nexa gave us 2 bonus columns for free. Creating those in Excel would easily add another couple minutes.

To summarize 

For one simple task, Nexa, in beta, is already:

  • 10x less work for the user
  • 5.7x faster overall (or ~8 minutes saved per simple analysis)
  • Less error prone
  • Infinitely more enjoyable

Now multiply that by the total # of similar tasks you do each year and imagine how much better your life will be with AI.

So, I ask once again... 

Is this the end of Excel for analysis?

We're betting on it.

Will you join us on the journey?


Apr 8, 2024

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